Tailtiu Irish Goddess of The Harvest and Autumn


16.5 x 11.7 inc

Acrylic on canvas

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Tailtiu Irish Goddess of The Harvest and Autumn


Tailtiu Celtic Goddess of The Harvest NoteBook

The Goddess of the Harvest in ancient Ireland who was said to be foster mother of the light, embodied in the god Lugh High King of Ireland.  One of the great Irish earth Goddesses as well as the last Queen of the Fir bolg Tribe, Taillte lived on the magical Hill of Tara from which she directed the clearing of an immense forest, the wood of Cuan,some of Ireland’s best farmland. It took a month to clear the Plain of Oenach Taillten, where Taillte then built Her palace; it remains on Irish maps today as Teltown near Kells. Tailtiu not only ordered the clearing of the woods but she also worked alongside her people to make it happen. This proved too much for her heart and thus died in the arms of her foster son Lugh. With her dying breath she asked Lugh to hold a festival in her honor upon the day of her death. And so once once a year on the first day of august the first day of the harvest we Irish celeberate Lughnasadh in honor of Tailitu sacrifice and and the bountiful gift of the harvest season.