Aine Queen of The Fae, Irish Goddess of Summer and Love


Acrylic on Canvas

14.9 x 10.2 inc

Also Available as prints

Aine Queen of The Fae, Irish Goddess of Summer and Love Art print

Áine the legendary Irish goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty. She is associated with summer solstice and the sun, and is sometimes represented by a red mare. She is also considered Queen of The Faeries.

Áine has always been associated with County Limerick in particularly where there is Knockainey Hill, Cnoc Áine in Irish, which was named in her honour.

She was known and well-liked for her healing nature and knowledge of natural remedies and was widely seen as a symbol of hope and love that people adored. But it was also said that she had a very vengeful nature that was to be feared if provoked. No one learned this harder than the king of munster himself Oilill Olum.

For you see Oilill Olum raped Aine and Aine seekingvengence bit off his ear. Therefore making him unfit to be king because ancient iriah law stated no man may rule if he is imperfect in anyway.

Is is because this that she is associated with having the ability to grant power and sovereignty.

The legacy of Goddess Áine is still strong today as she is remembered as being among one of the most revered and  powerful of all the Irish Goddesses. Most of all she will be remembered for the duality of her personality. Her ability to be  both loving and caring whilst also being quick to get angry and vengeful to those that wronged her.

A true symbol of woman empowerment that taught women to stand up for themselves and brought them hope. She reminded them of the joys of summer and that more pleasant times were to come.