Brighid Irish Goddess Or Saint


11.7 x 8.3 inc

Acrylic on Paper

Frame not inlcuded 

Also available as

Art Print

Brighid Goddess Or Saint Art Print

"Imbolg is approaching...the halfway point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Imbolg (also called Imbolc) is the time when the sheep are lambing and milk flows abundantly. When from the belly of the earth, deep in the soil of our souls, we feel the quiet call to turn our attention outward with gentleness.

This ancient festival is dedicated to Goddess and Saint Brigid, She of many names… a goddess who has lived in the hearts and minds of women for generations. In Ireland she is the poet, the blacksmith, the healer. In Scotland she is the goddess of summer, midwifery and birth. In Northern England she is adorned with a crown of fire and light. She is Mary of the Gaels. Ruler of hearth, heart and home. Connected to the sacred wells and the eternal flame. Brigid’s ancient power awakens us to feminine aspects of ourselves that have been buried, hidden, lost, or rejected. She helps us to heal and reclaim parts of ourselves that we have hid away or forgotten.

It's time to remember our true power. It's time to reclaim the stories of the ancient feminine." Tara Wild