The Elements and the Four Directions

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The Elements and the Four Directions

Acrylic on canvas

20 x  20 inc

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The Elements and The Four Directions Art Print

The universe works in circles and spirals, the spinning of the Earth on its orbit, which brings the cycles of day and night, the moon and seasons. Many ancient traditions have their medicine wheel based on the land that they were living. The Celtic Medicine Wheel relates to the elements , the four directions and the nature spirits that represent them. The fire dragons of the south, the Undines of water that lie in the west, the green man of the north who represent the earth and the wind sylphs of the east. Each direction and elemental has its own important lesson to teach and wisdom to share.

Wind Sylphs
East relates to the element of Air, the mental realm, our childhood and can bring us the gifts of inspiration, clarity, communication, change and new beginnings. Air can bring a whisper of insight and guidance or the force of truth to clear the way for new paths to emerge.

Fire Dragons
South relates to the element of Fire, the spiritual realm and can bring us the gifts of purification, protection, creativity and manifestation into action. The fire also teaches us about the warmth of our hearts.

Water Undines
West relates to the element of Water, the emotional realm, our adulthood and can bring us the gifts of feeling, cleansing, healing and compassion. The west connects us to the sacred waters, our blood, our ancestors and teaching us to flow through life. Water can be a calm, still lake or the strong current of a waterfall to bring about movement and change. 

Earth The Green Man
North relates to the element of Earth, the physical realm, our elder years and can bring us the gifts of abundance, grounding, strength and fertility. The North connects us to our bodies and how we rely on the Earth for our nourishment and support.