Hecate Goddess Of Witchcraft


Acrylic  on paper 

11.7 x 8.3 inc

Frame Not included

Also available as

Art Print

Hecate Goddess Of Witchcraft Art Print

and NoteBook

Hecate Goddess Of Witchcraft NoteBook


"I stood as my frustration grew,
Pacing around,
My lips in a frown,
Knowing I bit off more than I could chew,

Then I see,
In an crimson gown,
A circlet on her crown,
The Mistress of Darkness, Hecate,

"Greetings dear girl,
I have come to your aid,
Do not be afraid,
You have let your paths unfurl,

Now, which one shall you choose?
All of them effect your life,
Some bring glory, some bring strife,
Some let you win, some let you lose,

Whichever you pick,
Wherever your future leads,
I will come to answer your pleads,
Now time is wasting, be quick."