Connecting with Goddess at Lough Gur


Map of Lough Gur and surrounding area

I recently created a painting of Aine the irish goddess of summer.I really wanted to connect with this goddess's energy. So I decided to visit her homeland of Lough Gur in County Limerick Ireland.

My first stop was the mystical Grange stone circle. A place that has been associated with the summer solstice and Aine for thousands of years. Even today people still come to celebrate and give thanks to the goddess and nature spirits for a bountiful harvest. It is said that every summer solstice the sun with shine between the 2 entrance stones and straight through 2 other stones across the way that form a v shape. It's no wonder why this circle has always been linked to the sun and the goddesses it represents.

As well as humans some locals believe that even faeries come out and use this circle to celebrate the summer. There is many a story of people hearing their music or even spotting them dancing among the stones in the dark of midsummer eve night.

Entrance Stones To Circle

Offerring Stones

These are the offering stones.For years people have been leaving either gifts to show thanks or to ask for a blessing. My offering was a few slices of apples which you can see placed upon the stack of stones.

Rannach Chruim Duibh Stone

This is the rannach chruim duibh stone. One of the biggest stones in the circle and believed to be placed directly on a ley line. Because of this many believe this stone to have magic healing power when you place you 2 hands and forehead upon it. I personally dont know if it healed me of anything but I defently felt storng energy coming off this stone not to mention the fact it was warm despite it being a cool cloudy day.

Lough Gur Wedge Tomb

My next stop wasthe lough gur wedge tomb. A burails site beleived to be the final resting place for entire generations of families or community as the bones found there date throughout different points of time.It was so peacful and tranquil I decided here was the pefect spot to rest,mediate and connect with the spirits of the place.

Lough Gur

I then finally made my way down to the lough and was blown away by it's breathtaking beauty. You could practically feel the sacredness of this place as if you were standing in a church. There are so many myths and legends about this place. The first is that beneath it's water lies a giant magical tree and the ruins of a lost city. Some say on a clear day when the sun shines down on the lough you can see them at the bottom of the lake. Another legend is of the Goddess Aine who is believed to be the irish version of the lady of the lake and her son Geroid Iarla a powerful magician it's guardian protector who appears every 7 years riding around the lough on a white horse.

Lough Gur Visitor Centre

I also saw the lough gur visitor centre which is based o off the crannog huts of ancient ireland.It's what the people of this land would have lived in thousands of years ago.

Lough Gur Visitor Playground Mural

Right next door was the newly built playground where the talented artist Robert Ryan painted a breathtaking mural inspired by the myths and legends about the lough and the stone circles that surround it.


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