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Come and see a more in depth look into the ideas and drawings behind my art.

The Legacy Of Eve


Drawing design for a painting I am going to do about the true story of eve and the garden of Eden. It was inspired by the song Bigger by Beyonce. While listening to this song I saw a vison of eve standing in front of the tree of knowledge with the snake coiled arounf its trunk. She was holding out an apple to me as a gift as if to say "eat this fruit my child and finally be awakened.

To see finished painting follow this link. 

The Legacy of Eve

Aine Queen of The Faeries Irish Goddess of Summer and Love


This is a sketch for a painting idea I have to honour the sumner solstice on June 21st.  Aine is the summer goddess honoured on this day. The horse she rides will become a red mare which is said to be one of her poor animals.

I really wanted to give her a wild, sensual look because she is also considered and irish goddess of love. Hence the sexy dress and jewellery covering her arms and legs. I even drew a heart shap into the cleavage of her dress.

To see finished painting follow this link. 

Aine Queen of The Fae, Irish Goddess of Summer and Love




This a drawing of my interpitation of a selkie, A mythical creature from irish folkore. Similar to a mermaid except instead of being half human half fish the selkie has the power to co mpletly transform from seal to human by shedding their seal skin

To see finished painting follow this link. 

Selkie The Sealwoman

Ostara Goddess of Spring


The drawing is in honor of the spring equinox which is on March 20th.Where Dark and light are in equal balance across the Earth, and in the Northern Hemisphere we herald the returning of the light and the coming of Springtime in our lands. The Goddess of Fire has awoken, bringing Her heat to warm the land, and all of nature bursts into life! We honour the ancient Goddess of springtime, known in these lands as Ostara, Eostre, Artha, Goddess of the Sacred Flame. The hares bouncing around her are the goddess's power animal.

To see finished painting follow this link. 

Goddess Ostara

Artemis Virgin Goddess of the Hunt and Wild


I once  attended the huntress goddess workshop based on the goddess artemis. I felt true kinship with the goddess mostly because she is virgin like me. So I just had to creating something in honor of her. This is a rough skeych which will eventaully become a larger painting. A few things to note abou this drawing are the brooch which holds the ancient symbol of the triple goddess.The two wolves are her hunting hounds felt the would be more wild and fierce than dogs. One will be black the other white to represent the symbol of yin and yang and the divine masculine and feminine.

To see finished painting follow this link. 

Artemis Virgin Goddess Of The Hunt

Mother Earth Goddess


In this sketch we have mother earth embracing a child. The child represents all of humanity and the inner child wounds we all carry. By healing our bond with mother earth we can heal the wounds of our inner child.

To see finished work follow link

Mother Earth Goddess Art Print

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