Artist at Work

Watch me bring my paintings to life in these time lapse video

The Legacy of Eve || Acrylic Painting Time Lapse


A time lapse video of me creating a painting called "The Legacy of Eve". Inspired by the song Bigger by Singer Beyonce 16.3 x 11.7 inc acrylic on canvas.

Aine Goddess of Summer and Love || Acrylic Painting Time Lapse


Video is of me painting the Aine queen of the fae, irish goddess of summer and love and her power animal the red mare . She is honored and celebrated around the time of summer solstice June 21st here in ireland.

Acrylic on canvas 16.5 x 11.7 inc  



Ruby Chase

The Horned God Cernunnos || Acrylic Painting Time Lapse


In this video I am painting the pagan god of the forests and the wild. The Horned God Cernunnos. This an acrylic painting size 11.7 x8.3 inc on acrylic paper. The song used as a backing track "horned god "by kelliana , I used it to inspire  and motivate me to paint this. The concept behind this painting is healing the father wound and in turn our own inner child. The horned god represent the divine father aspect and the child he is embracing represents all humanity who carry the wounded child within.

 Let the divine father help you on your healing journey. Let him embrace you and unconditionally love you as you have always deserved. Here is a poem I created inspired by this painting.
"Hush now little one
There's nothing to fear
Know that I am always here
I'll keep you safe within my arms
I'll keep you safe from all harm" Martina Flanagan 

To see finished painting follow this link

I Am Here For You

Artemis Warrior Goddess of the Hunt and Wilds|| Acrylic Painting Time Lapse


Me painting the goddess artemis with her bow held aloft , ready to aim and fire.  She is on the hunt with her 2 faithful wolves. The full moon shines bright in the sky lighting their way.

Mother Earth Goddess || Acrylic Painting Time-lapse


Time Lapse video of me painting the mother earth goddess embracing a child. Acrylic on canvas. Size 16.5 x 11.7 inc.To see finished painting follow this link

Mother Earth Goddess

Brighid Goddess of Spring & Fire || Acrylic Painting Time Lapse


This is an art in progress video of me painting the Irish Goddess Brighid.The is an acrylic painting painted on acrylic paper and measures 11.7 x 8.3 inc.


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